Chequing Plans at a Glance



Plan Overview

Monthly Fee

Included Monthly Transactions*

Perks/Additional Features


Ideal and a great value if you don’t do many transactions.


Maintain a $1,500 balance and the fee is waived.

12 transactions


Value Plus

If you use your account frequently, this can be the best value for you.


Maintain a $2,500 balance and the fee is waived

25 Transactions


  • Students - Full-time post-secondary students FREE


Unlimited transactions can mean big savings for very active accounts.


Maintain a $3,500 balance and the fee is waived


  • Interac® e-Transfers sent, Includes 2 FREE Interac® e-Transfers, additional $1.50 each

Select Service

Our premium account. Take advantage of unlimited transactions and other savings.


Maintain a $5,000 balance and the fee is waived


(including unlimited Interac® and Cirrus ATM withdrawals, and Interac® e-Transfers sent)

  • Any personal cheque style FREE
  • No-fee drafts
  • FREE Borderless Plan with U.S. Dollar amount
  • FREE small safety deposit box
  • ¼% interest bonus on One to Five Year Non-redeemable Term Deposits


If you are 60 or over, enjoy this special account which features free services and discounts.



  • FREE personalized Basic Cheques
  • No-fee drafts
  • $5.00 discount on small safety deposit box

*Additional transactions exceeding the package limit will be charged $1.25
*Transactions at foreign and international ATMs will continue to incur the existing applicable fee:

  • Interac® ATM withdrawals $1.50
  • Interac® e-Transfers sent $1.50 each
  • Interac® e-Transfers sent money request1 $1.50 each
  • Interac® e-Transfers fulfill request for money FREE
  • Cirrus© ATM withdrawals (inside U.S. and Mexico) $3 each
  • Cirrus© ATM withdrawals (outside Canada, U.S. and Mexico) $5 each
1. Applies if Interac e-Transfer money request is fulfilled