Complaint Disclosure

First Nations Bank of Canada Fiscal 2022 Complaint Disclosure

Fiscal Year Ending: October 31, 2022

The number of complaints escalated to, or otherwise reported to the Chief Complaints Officer or delegate during the 2022 Fiscal Year: 2

The average length of time the Bank took to deal with those complaints, from the first interaction with the Consumer to the date on which the complaint was Resolved or Closed: 2 business days

The products or services to which the complaints related: Chequing and Savings accounts

A description of the nature of the complaints, beyond the related product or service information contained in the classification:

  • Customer expressed dissatisfaction relating to savings account interest accrued.  Greater information relating to interest accrued information was provided to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Customer expressed dissatisfaction with the limit of email funds transfer transactions permitted by the Bank's third party provider.  Greater information was provided to the customer's satisfaction.

Number of complaints Resolved to customer satisfaction: 2