Additional Services

Every business has its unique challenges, and yours is no exception. That's why we offer a full range of additional service designed to help you to compete more effectively.


Customer Alternative Deposit Service offers commercial customers a convenient funds transfer option to move money from accounts at TD Canada Trust direct to your First Nations Bank of Canada account for same or next day credit.

PaymentStream AFT

PaymentStream AFT software helps your business run more efficiently by replacing traditional paper methods of payment processing with electronic transfers. You can use PS AFT from any internet-connected device to:

  • Automate your payroll process by depositing funds directly into your employees' accounts
  • make recurring payments to suppliers
  • automate the collection of monthly payments from your customers

*You cannot bookmark the logon page that the above link takes you to, it will not work and you will receive an error.

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File Upload Clients:

Data Entry Automatic Release:

Data Entry Manual Release:


We offer wire payment services to our business customers through all of our branches, a quick and convenient way to move funds to suppliers or other partners.

Foreign Exchange

We offer competitive exchange rates on U.S. dollar transactions.